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Our Mission

KaffeGeita (pronounced "coffa-yight-ah") fosters a cozy, personal feeling in our coffee shop. Our goal is to provide a great experience paired with high quality products to better both the community and the world.


Along with serving ethically sources coffees, we also support the success of children. Our first "foster" child was Bangalie, who lives in Sierra Leone, Africa (A blend of coffee we offer is named after him). As a result of your business, KaffeGeita helped Bangalie attend primary school, eat three meals each day, and advance in his life until he was old enough to move out of the orphanage where he resided and into a transition home where he can live while attending a trade school or university, or while finding a good job. We are currently in the process of gaining another foster child to support. Bangalie wrote letters to us and if you stop by the shop, you can see his picture and letters on our wall.


Thanks for your support of our business, and your support of Bangalie!

Pour-over Coffee 


Pour-over coffees are becoming increasingly popular these days, but we have been using this method in our shop since we opened, and our owner has made his coffee this way for most of his lifetime.

It brings out the flavor characteristics in each roast of coffee and is very enjoyable.  

The extra wait is definitely worth it.

Scandinavian history and culture are very important to our owners, and to the community in which we opened our business. To honor that, we decided to have a Norwegian name for the coffee shop. 

KaffeGeita is Norwegian for "The Coffee Goat." Why have a goat in the name, you ask? According to an Ethiopian legend, goats are given credit to discovering the effects of caffeine.

It  is said that Kaldi, a goatherd, noticed that his goats, upon eating berries from a certain plant, became so spirited that they did not want to sleep at night.

Kaldi reported his findings to the monks at a local monastery, who harvested the berries and experimented with them. A drink was made with the berries and it discovered that the monks could stay more alert during evening prayers! From there, knowledge of the energizing effects of the berries began to spread. As word moved east and coffee reached the Arabian peninsula, it began a journey which would spread it across the globe.

Today coffee is grown in many countries around the world! Whether it is Asia or Africa, Central or South America, the islands of the Caribbean or Pacific, all can trace their heritage to the trees in the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau!

Wanting to combine our cultural heritage and the legend of the discovery of coffee, we came up with our business name.

Come and enjoy a great cup of coffee, chat with our baristas, and learn more about us.

We look forward to your business!

Our Story


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